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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I:

We will respond to you within 1 business day during our business hours. You can also give us a ring at 001 609 300 6487. Our street address is provided upon request and always provided upon order shipments (we work from our home studio/office/creative headquarters in Galloway, NJ, USA; we'll post our contact information here should we acquire a commercial studio and office).


Use the footer subscription form to find out about our newest art, events, updates and deals. To opt out, contact us with "unsubscribe" and the information to be deleted in the message box and we'll remove you from our database as soon as possible.


Shari is fluent in American English; her ability to speak/read Spanish is a bit rusty; she can read some French, Hebrew and Italian; and has been known to have conversations in Japanese using a phrasebook. Requests written in a language other than English may take a few days for a response, but we will do our best to answer you in your first language by using Google Translate, which is used throughout our website and communications as necessary. We use Google Translate for all non-American English versions of our website, so please let us know if you have questions/spot an error or if you'd like us to add a version in your first language; some features/phrases may not translate, but we'll always present the most welcoming experience that we can for you.

  • purchase/commission paintings?

To purchase a painting, photograph or digital art:

Use the Add to Cart icon above each art description for each painting, photograph, or digital art and follow the check-out procedure (the watermark will not appear on the work of art itself; colors may be slightly different on the work of art than how they appear onscreen). We only accept credit card and PayPal payments through our website checkout system; no exceptions.

To commission a painting, photograph or digital art:

Shari will create the commissioned art at her home studio (no additional charge) or in front of an audience for your event.


Pricing for commissioned art starts at US$1118.00 for the smallest size of 5 x 7 inches. If you need a larger size, a different shape or a series, Shari will work with you on the price.


Shari only creates original, one-of-a-kind works of art in her vividly cheerful abstract style. She does not copy or recreate works of art.


Use the Contact form with dominant color choice, color(s) you do not want, sentimental objects like wedding glass that are to be included and whether you want a purely abstract painting or an abstract landscape with such elements as water, trees, flowers and birds. Include your name, email address, mailing address and phone number. You'll receive email confirmation from Shari as to the desired size, shape and dominant colors. We only accept credit card and PayPal payments through our website checkout system; no exceptions.

  • Visit Space to place the deposit (i.e., for a 20 x 16 inch painting, click on the Deposit icon, select the size, then click Add to Cart and follow the check-out procedure; do the same thing for Sentimental Objects and Framing if desired). The deposit, sentimental objects and framing fees are not refundable in part or in whole under any circumstance.

  • Receive email confirmation from us containing a photo of the finished painting (the watermark will not appear on the work of art itself).

    • If you approve, you pay the balance and we ship the painting after the payment has been processed. Click on the Balance icon, select the size, then click Add to Cart and follow the check-out procedure to finalize the purchase.

    • If you don't approve, we keep the deposit and the painting. 


  • get promotions on Shari's works of art?

We do not provide promotions on Shari's works of arts, but occasionally provide shipping deals and other surprises for our patrons and subscribers.

  • contract Shari for Creative Services?

Shari accepts work from home assignments from clients all over the world. Please use the Contact form for your request and we will contact you within 1 business day to discuss details and rates.

  • become an art patron of Shari and her works of art?

The greatest artists are always supported by great art patrons, and Shari is honored that you wish to support her vividly cheerful works of art. Please contact us with your request. Thank you!

  • ask Shari to donate to my charity?

We give tzedekah as private citizens to our favorite charitable organizations. We do not usually donate Shari's works of art and/or products either as a business or as private citizens, but we will consider each request provided the following information is included: what the charity promotes, what the event is, how the work of art and/or products will be displayed and how Shari, the work of art and the products will be promoted by the charity.


We reserve the right to deny your donation request. If your request has been accepted, we reserve the right to withdraw Shari's work of art and/or products at anytime prior to the event if the charity, event, charity representative and/or event representative has misrepresented itself/himself/herself/themselves, or how it/he/she/they will promote Shari, the work of art and/or the products.

  • ask about career/vendor opportunities?

We are interested in curators; galleries; manufacturers with custom print-on-demand, packaging and small-run textile capabilities; interior designers; set designers; stage designers; event planners; event venues and event suppliers.


Shari is available for beta-testing of painting mediums, design software and textile substrates. 


Shari does not use assistants in the creation of her works of art and art-based products, or contract out her Creative Services work. We will create a detailed Careers page should the need for help arise in the future, but wish you the very best in your career search. 


We do not hire marketing, SEO and/or website vendors, nor do we distribute or manufacture art-based products, but wish you the very best in your client search.

Please contact us with additional questions. Thanks!


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