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Artist Statement

I view everything and everyone as canvas, see patterns even when my eyes are closed and firmly believe that sparkle should be used liberally.

Artist Quotes

"Attempts to silence an artist will instead empower her to shout."  Shari Pedowitz, 2017

"Don't trust people who get mad at rainbows." Shari Pedowitz, 2015


"Everyone and everything is canvas, honey." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"After G-d, I'm my favorite artist because I always believe in myself and my art." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"I love being underestimated because it's more fun for me when I succeed." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"Good art draws you in, great art stays with you long after you've viewed it." Shari Pedowitz, 2013


"Without art, there'd just be a bunch of blank walls and depressed people." Shari Pedowitz, 2012

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