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Artist Praise

happy patrons, exhibition attendees and website visitors



You have got great designs:)



Keep going with making great work!

Justus Bruns, Founder, Times Square Art Square


Joy and peace and serenity.

Carol W S [referring to Prancing Through The Posies]

I love your work.

Trish Buzzone


Beautiful works of art.

Jona Collins, CID


I love what you are doing with your designs and wish you continued success.



I admire your artwork and your poetry. You are so blessed to be so talented.

Carla Hanley

I love your designs on your website. Your designs are unique and so colorful and charming!

Jinny S


So tranquil.

Joan [referring to Healing Collection]


Loving these!!!!!!!! So much emotion! And I love the glitter! Beautiful colors!

Sarak K


You are so talented. It's our first real life piece of art! We will show it off regularly!

Krangar family


Lovely work. Summery. Makes me happy.

Lois Leventhal


Your art is so beautiful!! LOVE the new art.

Taylor Owens Vogelsang

Your textile prints are beautiful! Most special is your art!

Christina M

Your paintings have such freedom and cheer. I love looking at them because their boldness makes me so happy.

Susan P

It blows my mind that you can transfer emotion through images. It's like a form of magic.

Neja Steer 


Your fabric and art is lovely.

Cynthia Taylor-Luce


I love your website! Your work is fabulous.

Deb Turner


Now there is a landscape with joyful energy!

Karl Welsh [referring to Truffula Trees]


Your art is indelible.

Sharon L. Williams, CMP, Cofounder and CEO, Venue Broker, LLC

Your paintings are gorgeous! Love the colors, the shapes, the meaning behind them!

Virginia S

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